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Our Mission

Here at iSkill Hub, our mission is to be the best site on the web to post and complete micro jobs. To that end, we want to be transparent about how we do business — and have detailed the rules by which we live and do business by:

Let’s face it.  The micro jobs industry is in its infancy, and still has a lot of growing up to do.  At iSkill Hub, honesty is the cornerstone of how we do business.  We’re in business to make money, but refuse to do so at other’s expense.  We pay workers for a job well-done, and guarantee that employers will find an army of micro workers to complete their jobs quickly and accurately.

Many micro jobs sites bend the rules of morality and fairness.  Not iSkill Hub. We want to be the most trustworthy micro jobs site on the web.  The pursuit of this goal comes at a cost — but integrity is and always will be more important than our bottom line.

Fast, Fair Payouts
You’re here for a reason — either to get your micro job completed quickly, safely and securely – or to make some extra money completing micro jobs for others.  We offer the fastest payout cycles in the market – two days after task completion.

Unfortunately, the digital goods industry  is home to its fair share of scammers looking to take advantage of others.  At iSkill Hub, we go to great lengths to ensure the security and integrity of our micro jobs community.  We quickly investigate all claims of fraud, and proactively monitor our community to rid it of workers and employers who refuse to abide by our community’s pursuit of comprehensive safety and security.

We welcome workers and employers from around the globe with open arms.   Wherever you call home, we want iSkill Hub to be the destination for your digital marketing needs — and for making some easy extra cash.