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Tips for Employers on iSkill Hub

While the appeal of having a virtual army of cheap labor to do your bidding is an exciting opportunity, and one that immediately offers plenty of options for you to build your own digital or social media presence, sometimes new members of the iSkill Hub community aren’t aware of the opportunities available to them. If you have recently joined the community, or if you are an experienced job poster looking to garner better responses and results from your employees, we’d like to cover a few specific areas in order to make your iSkill Hub experience the most useful and productive experience it can be:

1. Know What You Can Do!

It sounds simple and basic, but simply being aware of the vast array of potential jobs you could post is an excellent starting point for learning what the iSkill Hub community can do for you. Some of our most popular job areas include garnering likes or followers on Facebook or Twitter, having users share or comment posts or videos on sites like YouTube or Google Plus. Outside of the social media realm, iSkill Hub users can link to your page on their popular blogs, helping to grow organic traffic to your site as well as improve your site’s SEO rankings and responsiveness to Google search algorithms. You can have users drive up your rankings in a contest by voting, or help get your message out by retweeting or reposting information from your site or service.

2. Make Sure Workers Know What You Want!

iSkill Hub proudly is home to workers and employers from over 150 nations around the world, a truly global community that can take a truly local approach to your specific digital or social media needs. However, given the vast array of languages and platforms used by our community, knowing how to post the most clear and efficient directions in your job listing can help guarantee you get exactly the quality work you expect. We suggest breaking down your task into basic steps, each clearly ordered by number to help ensure workers know what needs to be done in what order. Also, utilizing plain and simple English in both your job title and description can help ensure that workers know exactly what you need before they complete your task, allowing you to save time and money by ensuring only the results you need.

3. Check Out What Others Are Using iSkill Hub For!

Our third suggestion may seem silly, but browsing iSkill Hub as an employee can really help you understand exactly what your potential workers are expecting in terms of communication and information from you. You can browse our current open jobs to see how other employers are utilizing our site for their own benefit, and if you are a new visitor to iSkill Hub, it won’t cost a dime! Simply create your free account (sign up is easy and quick!) and check out our community for yourself. You may be stunned at the potential for iSkill Hub to grow your digital and social media presence faster than you could have imagined.


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