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Get Fully-Customized Jobs and Services at iSkill Hub

There are lots of freelance sites that one can opt for, however most people have found success in iSkill hub. It comprises of a large community of sellers and buyers all cohesively working towards the development of individual and corporate sectors. With a large community like the one comprised in iSkill, you can now get all the services you need for a price cheaper than $30. On the other hand there is always a market for any skill you can think of at iSkill.

Post any job

Are you specialized in photography, writing, web-design, art, audio, video or just any particular task you can think of? Here is the chance for you to make money as you undertake that task you love doing. iSkill will help you gain recognition since it will advertise your job as an independent sales person and create more than enough opportunities for you to get quality buyers.

Buyer priorities

As a buyer, iSkill provides you with a well defined and clear list of tasks up for sale at the homepage of the site. This ensures quick recognition of tasks you might be interested in thus wasting the least time possible. Moreover, you get to view previous customers’ comments about the job or task you wish to purchase. This will enable you evaluate the providers capability and also his relation with customers. A seller with a reputation of 90% and has only positive reviews could prove to be a better option to go for than a seller with a reputation of 20% and his reviews full of incomplete tasks, shoddy job or even irresponsibility.

Seller Oriented

iSkill hub has clearly stood out and presented itself as a seller oriented site. It offers maximum control for sellers, unlike most similar site that offer limited control for seller. This clearly prevents buyer scams and unpaid tasks occurrence. It promotes reliability in customers by ensuring the buyer forwards the expected payments to “pending incoming payments” for assurance to the seller that the transaction is legitimate.

Supportive Customer center

Friendly and conversational customer support is available 24 hours a day thus you don’t have to struggle alone anytime you get stuck. You can be certain that your concerns will be addressed in a timely and professional manner. Browse though the extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for a detailed set of instructions on most operations within the site.

iSkill is the best example to prove that on-demand markets really work and definitely it has opened up a larger market in many different verticals; some paying attention to Advertising, others to Graphics, Audio, Video and so forth.

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