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Experience a Whole New World of iSkill Hub Online Market

iSkill Hub is a brand new extremely interactive and exciting freelance site that enables you to sell and buy gigs (small jobs and tasks) for as much as $29.9. This new idea of micro-jobbing has hit the internet market like a bombshell attracting millions in the corporate world. However, iSkill is the most unique hub with a lot in store for its customers and clients.

Well designed homepage

As a welcome sign, the homepage is perfectly designed to guide you through the numerous options around the site. Any user, registered or unregistered is free to use the fast and highly responsive search box to find or locate any particular person or gig. The tabs are boldly and clearly visible at the top of the homepage and they are effective in the basic navigation throughout the site.

Vast job posting options

After signing up, you will receive a confirmation email in a few seconds and thumbs up! You are now a member of iSkill. You can go ahead and post relevant gigs and tasks you can do for $29.9 or less. If you believe in advertising as a better way of improving your marketing, iSkill gives you the platform to feature your post for $10 within a period of 30 days. This will increase traffic to your post thus giving you the much required attention from prospective buyers.

Confidential messaging

iSkill hub runs one of the most secure messaging systems. There have to be confidential and private conversations between the seller and buyer for a transaction to be successful. This way, iSkill ensures the two of you communicate perfectly with the chat and text messaging system. Similarly, the admin will always keep you up-to date on any activity in your account via email and this ensures you never miss out a single event even when you are offline.

Facebook and Twitter integration

The sites ability to integrate with Twitter and Facebook give it an added advantage in terms of advertisements. You can share your gigs and jobs with your friends in Facebook and on Twitter. This will see an active increase in clients as well as buyers due to the advertisement.

Jobs grouped in Categories

The arrangement of jobs in categories is another stronghold advantage of iSkill. You don’t have to go through all the jobs posted in the site as you search the most appropriate one for you!          We understand you don’t have much time to waste and that’s why we group jobs into categories like advertisement, Business, Graphic and Design and so on. All you have to do is visit the category you are interested in and you will find related gigs there.

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